Conchita Bodyworkz

Massage Therapy

COVID-19 Protocol for Conchitabodyworkz-adapted 04/24/2020

In efforts to keep my clients and families healthy and in compliance with CDC requirements as regards COVID-19, it is my hope that I will be allowed to resume operation,and forthwith, until the pandemic is over, we will respectfully follow the ensuing guidelines.  Although some may seem restrictive, it is my promise to my clients that I will do my absolute utmost to ensure the safety of my massage environment.  This may mean limiting my operations to Ramsey to be able to provide the most sanitary and least possible congregation of clientele to my studio.  Some of these guidelines have been enacted to prevent any groups of people ( large or small) from congregating in the lobby or coming in contact with one another through passing.

1.  24 hour cancellation policy has been abolished. 

If you are not feeling well, and if you or a family member has had unexplained flu like symptoms, cough, or fever within the past 72 hours- do not come to your massage session.  Kindly call me at 763-367-0745 and if I don't answer leave a message.  

2.  upon entering the studio you will be asked to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

3.  I am the only massage therapist and I will be wearing a mask.  You will be required to bring a mask with you and  I will not be massaging in the facial areas.

4..  As much as I love chatting after sessions, I ask that you limit this time to getting yourself grounded and leaving the studio.  This gives me the needed time to get cleaned up for the next session and prevents you and the next client from coming in contact with one another.

My pledge to you:

1.  I am healthy.  I take great care and practice great health strategies by eating properly (a little too much sugar occasionally, but I'm working on it) I get good sleep, exercise and fresh air. do not smoke nor do I drink alcohol.  If me or my son have any feelings of illness or fever or (as described above) I will call and reschedule you and self quarantine usI

2. I will only see a maximum of 4 clients a day!  I have a one hour cushion built into my scheduler to allow for proper clean up.

  When you leave a massage session:

        I completely strip the entire massage table including any paddings on face cradle.  The table is scrubbed down with an industrial strength disinfectant and made up again.  All sheets, towels, linens, cradle covers  are washed with heavy duty detergents immediately. 

  I wash off all hard surfaces including ( both in the massage room, in the lobby, any railings, door knobs, light switch covers, any pens or writing materials that have been used.

  Bathroom- vanities, soap dispensers = all scrubbed down 

This is all done after each session.  

Until I see you again, my prayers are with you for your health and safety.  I miss you and can't wait until I can see you again.  God will get us all through this and we will come out stronger.  I am here for you.