Massage Therapy

Conchita Bodyworkz


My name is Cathy and I am the massage therapist at Conchita Bodyworkz.  I am a graduate of the Minnesota School of Business and have been practicing massage therapy for 10+ years.

Conchita Bodyworkz is located in my home studio in Ramsey, MN.

I believe in massage; I believe it is necessary for our mental health, I believe it is medically necessary for many.  I am not a "fluff and buff" therapist.  I work very hard with my clients to help them achieve any goals they are hoping to achieve.   I no longer have a shop because I am trying to keep my prices as affordable as possible so that people can afford to use massage therapy on a regular basis.

During COVID-19 all spas have been shut down.  If your under a lot of stress or have issues deemed medically necessary, please feel free to give me a call, we can chat about it, and I may have other options for you.

As always I am here for you!

(cell) 763-367-0745